Friday, May 19, 2017

The Easier Way to Make Placemat Pillows


So I was on my way to the check out at Target the other day, and I had a couple of $25 pillows in my cart. I passed by the placemats and cookware, and this pineapple placemat caught my eye!

Isn't it pretty?! The embroidery on it is gorgeous! And it was only $4! It was love at first sight. Except...I stink at cooking. And really anything to do with the kitchen and dining room. I have no business buying placemats to make my frozen fish sticks look prettier when I serve them. Ha!

I'd seen people make pillows out of placemats by sewing two of them together. But as I was looking at this one, it was already two really nice pieces of fabric sewn together! I was hoping I could just pick the stitch, stuff it, and sew up the small opening in a matter of minutes.  So I bought 8. lol

And when I opened it up, sure enough, it was perfect on the inside. Both front and back and nice, upholstery fabric, and both sides had interfacing!

I was really excited to use some of this filling from an old couch we had to destroy. It's been wasting away on one of our garage shelves, and my husband keeps trying to throw it away!

I packed it in super tight since I hate when my throw pillows lose their shape. This makes it really hard to stitch up on a sewing machine, but it was really easy to do by hand.

So less than 10 minutes later, I had some gorgeous new pillows for my bed. And my living room. And my outdoor chairs... ;)

Now run to Target and snatch up all the pineapple placemats before someone else uses them to drop food on!

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